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The Man Chair Father’s Day marketing campaign by Scribbler

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 10 June 2013’s Father’s Day campaign taps social media and video marketing

Personalised gift card specialist uses social advertising and marketing for Father’s Day campaign logo 150x150Campaign name: The Man Chair
Audience: 18-35 year-olds
Duration: 05/06/2013 to 16/06/2013
Channels: Blogger outreach, email, social advertising, social media and video
Budget: Less than £5K

Social Media Portal (SMP): Agency behind the campaign

Browser Media (BM): Browser Media and @browser_media

SMP: The full name of the brand (company it is for) along with the URL

BM:, Facebook and @ScribblerCards

SMP: What is the campaign name and why was it chosen?

BM: The Man Chair.  This concept was chosen as a low-risk way of exploring a new channel (video) for Scribbler in a way that could generate some buzz and brand awareness around what is typically one of the quieter ‘occasions’ for Scribbler in the shape of Father’s Day. The key was to produce something that would be shareable but also encourage engagement in the form of suggestions and ideas around how others would customise the chair. prides itself on its funny and rude cards, our concept was to produce something that reflected this, playing on the stereotypical ‘man’ and what he needs to survive, as well as adding in some more risqué elements. what is The Man Chair description image

SMP: What was the start and end of the campaign?

BM: 05/06/2013 to 16/06/2013

SMP: What are target audiences of the campaign, who are you trying to reach and why?

BM: 18-35 year olds who might not have heard of, or used before. Existing customers who like Scribbler’s funnier, ruder approach to greetings cards and are open to enjoying and sharing that humour in a new format.

To test a new channel and type of content within Scribbler’s target market.

SMP: Briefly, tell us about your campaign

BM: We made a video of the ultimate (slightly rubbish) Man Chair for Father’s Day. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at what a man might do if he could surround himself with everything he needed, in his comfortable manly Man Chair. Meat, beer, framed photo of Carol Vorderman, sports stuff, spam and everything you could possibly need to enjoy the most manly of days.

SMP: What are the goals of the campaign and why is it different?

BM: The objective was to try something new to promote, on a tiny budget.  We produced a spoof ‘how to’ style video to reflect their product range of funny and rude cards.  We also tested low-level social advertising as this isn’t something Scribbler had tried before either.

In a sector (online cards) where there are some well-established players spending big budgets across broadcast media, our goal was to explore new ways of raising awareness without a media budget.

SMP: What are the channels, platforms and methods you’re using?

BM: Video, natural social media promotion, social advertising, blogger outreach and email.

Although the campaign was executed to test new channels whilst raising awareness, we were also keen to harness any available SEO value by encouraging links to the video and blog content.

SMP: Why is it the first time that Scribbler has used video and how did you convince the brand to use it?

BM: Scribbler has used video tentatively to showcase their cards and bricks and mortar stores previously.  However, with the importance and growth of video as a media format, Browser Media suggested producing a video as part of Scribbler’s wider content strategy.

Blog posts and social media have been working well and the brand has achieved a real tone of voice, so we thought we would try and give this a new stage. As an inbound marketing agency, we advocate content in many forms and to introduce Scribbler to video was a key step in their online strategy. The Man Chair photograph imageSMP: What is the budget used for the campaign?

BM: Less than £5K

SMP: How are you making the campaign social?

BM: Social sharing and social advertising through Facebook and YouTube’s TrueView. A competition to encourage shares and comments.

SMP: Why do you think bloggers are important for this campaign and how are you involving them?

BM: Bloggers are important to give the video a wider audience, also to benefit SEO by linking back to the Scribbler site where the video is featured.

We’re contacting bloggers who have featured Scribbler content in the past as well as some who are more appropriate for the Man Chair concept, offering an exclusive discount to their readers as an added extra.

SMP: Are there any dedicated hash tags or social media profiles for the campaign and why do you think using them are useful?

BM: #mydadsmanchair is being used with the intention that people will use this to make suggestions for what we could add to the chair and share their suggestions with their followers. Tracking interactions would be done via mentions of the @ScribblerCards Twitter account as well as the hashtag.

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