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Tresor Paris World Cup marketing campaign

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 01 July 2014

Tresor Paris uses F2 football freestyling video for World Cup campaign

Tresor Paris logoCampaign name: Tresor Paris World Cup campaign.
Brand: Tresor Paris
Audience: Fashion and design conscious, sporting and football fans
Regions: United Kingdom (UK)
Duration: 10/06/2014 to 13/07/2014
Channels: Email marketing, public relations and social media
Budget: £5,000

Social Media Portal (SMP): Agency behind the campaign

Tresor Paris (TP)
: Tresor Paris created the campaign, which was supported by Stature PR.

SMP: The full name of the brand

TP: Tresor Paris is a jewellery and accessories brand situated in Hatton Garden – London’s jewellery district and part of the Hasbani Group - masters of the diamond trade.

SMP: What regions is the campaign for?

TP: The campaign was launched nationally in the UK.

SMP: The official campaign name and why was it chosen?

TP: Tresor Paris World Cup campaign.

The campaign was created to mark the launch of the new watches Nouveau Hexagone, the Precision and Precision Chronograph models. It was to demonstrate their capability to Tresor Paris fans and potential customers alike through featuring them in the F2 football freestyling video.

By making this connection, it highlights the durability of the watches and links into one of the biggest events this year – the football world cup that many people identify with and follow. Tresor Paris chose two of the world’s top football freestylers Jeremy Lynch and Billy Wingrove kitted out in suits to wear the new Tresor Paris Nouveau Hexagone watches whilst performing their football tricks.

Tresor Paris image

SMP: What was the start and end of the campaign?

TP: The campaign was launched on 10/06/2014 just in advance of the world cup and runs until 13/07/2014, the end of the world cup.

SMP: The target audiences of the campaign, who are you trying to reach and why?

TP: The Tresor Paris World Cup campaign targets both existing Tresor Paris clients who are already fans of the brand and appreciate their designs. It also includes audiences that may not already be familiar with the brand, but are football fans or even those who aren’t but are still watching and supporting teams in the world cup. This includes the fashion and design conscious, sporting and football fans.

SMP: Briefly, tell us about your campaign

: To celebrate the World Cup and the launch of the Tresor Paris new watch collection Nouveau Hexagone, Tresor Paris created a football freestyling video.  This features F2 -  Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch who are arguably the world’s top football freestylers. The boys are kitted out in slick suits accessorised with Tresor Paris Nouveau Hexagone Precision Chronograph watches whilst they perform tricks in front of iconic London locations to the soundtrack of The Game’s Gentleman’s Affair featuring Neyo. The video highlights the durability of the watches.

SMP: What are the goals of the campaign and why is it different?

TP: The aim of the video is to raise awareness of the watches and to display them through an engaging medium in order for them to stand out from other brands. The overarching objective is to drive sales of the new watches and the ultimate goal is to increase brand share in the market.

SMP: What are the channels, platforms and methods you’re using?

: The video was sent out to a database of contacts and customers through marketing newsletters by Tresor Paris. It was also posted on social media – YouTube, Facebook and Twitter by Tresor Paris, F2 and Stature PR. By posting the video on social media, it makes it easier to share with friends and to disseminate the concept of the new watches quickly. Facebook and twitter are the optimum sites for sharing videos on You Tube.

SMP: How long did the video take to create?

TP: The video production took a full 12 hours to shoot; obviously it was shot in many different locations ranging from The Shard to a working office and from a hotel to even on the street. There was a lot of pre-planning involved for example the styling of the boys and making sure the locations were suitable for shooting in to match the theme of the production and of course getting the necessary permissions.

SMP: What are you doing to boost the campaign beyond YouTube and what are you doing to make it stand out during the world cup?

: We have liaised with journalists who have featured the video in places such as Esquire Weekly. Paid boosts were done on social media aimed at men which reached in the region of 180,000 people. F2 has also been very proactive in putting it out there on their social media channels to raise awareness further.

SMP: What do you hope to achieve?

TP: Tresor Paris has had 500 new followers on Facebook around the same with Twitter. Approximately 225,000 interact with it on Facebook and they received around 144 comments and 144,000 likes on the YouTube video.

SMP: What were the challenges in creating the campaign and how did you overcome them?

TP: It is of course more of a challenge to film such fast moving objects and to really capture the wow factor of the talent that F2 has whilst they are slightly more constricted wearing their suits.  We chose manoeuvres that demonstrated their skill whilst showing the watches and also looking impressive. It is also tricky to find iconic London places to film in which are both recognisable and also where it is actually possible to obtain the permissions to film and to get the footage without the public disturbing the shots.

SMP: What are you doing to measure the campaign and what measurement tools do you have in place to do this?

TP: The measurement of the success of the campaign is essentially the number of new customers and those interested in buying the watches.

SMP: What is the budget used for the campaign?

TP: The ballpark figure for the whole production was £5,000. That included styling, video production, locations fees and expenses and promotion around the video i.e on Twitter and Facebook.

SMP: How are you making the campaign social and shareable?

Tresor Paris image

: The campaign’s sheer impressiveness of skills make it social and shareable as it is a talking point for those interested in watching the football skills.

SMP: Are there any dedicated hashtags or social media profiles for the campaign and how/why did you chose these?

TP: We have utilised the #Brazil2014 for the world cup in addition to our own #Precision for the model of the watch.

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