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SOMESSO London '09

SOMESSO (SOMESSO) - 15 May 2009

SOMESSO London '09 is a one-day conference addressing social media in corporations. It is a must-attend event for industry leaders, brand managers, sales and marketing experts, new media specialists, internet marketers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other financiers. Ideas will be shared and presented, as well as the latest tools, strategies, and discoveries in the field of Corporate Social Media.

The conference, held at the Emirates Stadium in North London, comprises insight talks, interactive sessions and strategy workshops under the theme of how modern enterprises create ‘social capital’ and make earnings in ‘the relationship economy’ as the recession bites.

It will feature keynotes from innovators in the web 2.0 field such as Stowe Boyd, Ross Mayfield, and Jason Falls, and case studies on global brands such as IBM, GoViral, and Jim Beam, plus much more.

Click on the SOMESSO agenda for more information, or sign up securely now via Amiando.

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