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Candice Kang (Pacific Conferences) - 01 February 2010

Develop an Effective Social Media Engagement Strategy to Increase Brand Preference amongst Customers

Social Media Marketing conference logoSocial media marketing is an engagement with online communities to generate exposure, opportunity and sales. Companies that intend to adopt social media marketing must develop a holistic engagement strategy rather than blindly jumping on the bandwagon, for wrong usage of social media could result in a critical backlash for your brand’s reputation. Companies like Starbucks and Dell have proved that with careful planning, proper and effective social media use can drive profits, increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Do you have a well-conceived social media marketing strategy? Do you know how to use social media to listen and participate in conversations around your brand? How do you select social media platforms to achieve the most effective engagement with consumers? How do you measure ROI for social media marketing?

This 2-day conference will provide excellent insights on developing strategies and choosing techniques to engage the new-age customer through social media. This conference will present case studies from Microsoft, The Climate Project, adidas, Sony Pictures, Anna Sui, Fairprice, Starhub, Symantec, and many more which will showcase a wide variety of engagement strategies. We will bring you insights on selecting and seeding platforms to increase the effectiveness of your engagement efforts. Our experts will demonstrate how to integrate social media with offline channels in order to convey a coherent message to your customer. Glean tips on how to track intangible metrics such as buzz and conversations. Discover what works and what doesn’t when applying social media marketing in Asia. Join in the debate on the issue of “sponsored conversations” that is currently all the rage!

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For more information, please email Ms Lorraine Tiang at lorraine @  or call us at +65 6372 2201.

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