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Figaro Social Media Marketing Conference

Figaro Digital (Figaro Digital) - 21 April 2010

Figaro Digital logoFigaro Social Media Marketing Conference

Will 2010 be the year when social media becomes a mainstream and effective channel for marketing?

Perhaps, but whatís undeniable is that more and more people are using the internet as a way to be social. Whether with friends, colleagues or brands, people are engaging in new and powerful ways. Yes, itís disruptive and full of potential risks, but it also presents exciting new opportunities to capture the imagination, change opinions and behaviour.

Marketers and their brands that take these opportunities can win new customers and loyalty that can turn into positive business results. Figaro Digitalís Social Media Conference will allow you to learn from people who deeply understand the role that social media is playing now, and will play in the future for achieving marketing and business results. `

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