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SmartDevCon 2012

SmartDevCon 2012 (SmartDevCon 2012) - 04 September 2012

SmartDevCon 2012 - news from the mobile world

The SmartDevCon conference is an event fully dedicated to the widely understood solutions of smart devices type. The organizers want to make a meeting to enhance knowledge and experience by contact with the professionals involved in embedded and mobile systems.SmartDevCon conference 150x150 logo

SmartDevCon 2012 is opened to experienced developers, enthusiast interested in novelties from the technology world as well as to students that are still in the process of gaining the knowledge. The first edition of conference will take place in Hotel Angelo Katowice, Poland between 04-06 of September 2012. It will be an opportunity to popularize modern devices, present current trends and spread good practice of creating software for mobile platforms.

Parralel to the speaker's presentations there will be fairs that will present companies producing software, mobile phone operators, devices manufacturers as well as other companies, whose business is related to the subject of event.

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