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Digital Media Strategies 2014 ( - 04 March 2014

Digital Media Strategies

Date: 03-05 March 2014
Location: Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, Greater London, N1 9AG

Digital Media Strategies brings together a global audience of over 300 CEOs and senior leaders from magazines, newspapers, digital content companies, broadcast, B2B and STM media. It tackles the key issues facing the media industry today. It takes place on 03–05 March 2014 at Kings Place, London, and features keynotes and panel discussions with some of the industry’s leading figures.

Digital Media Strategies 2014 bannerPooling from the expertise of TheMediaBriefing’s editorial and event production team, we’ve gathered together the best case studies from around the world. They will be from both old and new media companies who are innovating and generating significant revenues in the digital era.

Whether you run a new start-up or a centuries-old media giant, in today’s media landscape you must be faster and more responsive than ever before.  But with the proliferation of platforms and the rapid evolution of automated, mobile and native forms of advertising, it is essential to develop a clear vision that will guide your business into the future.

There are big prizes to be won for those who innovate constantly and capitalise on new consumer habits and client needs. The Digital Media Strategies conference recognises that all types of content companies, from newspapers to magazines to pure-play digital publishers, are facing the same challenges. Issues to be discussed include:

  • Monetising smartphones and tablets
  • Native advertising and shifting brand spend to digital
  • Digital and legacy integration
  • Multiplatform subscription strategies
  • The automation of digital advertising
  • Technology, data culture and product development
  • And much, much more

Price Date Range Product Development Workshop 2 Day Conference Product Development + Conference Pass Company Pass x 3
EB1 25 Nov - 27 Dec £499 £899 £1,249 £3,149
EB2 28 Dec - 31 Jan £599 £999 £1,449 £3,649
Final 1 Feb - Run £799 £1,699 £2,149 £4,849

Twitter @mediabrief hashtag #DMS14
More information and details at the Digital Media Strategies website.

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