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Bill Mortimer from IoT Slam 2015 on the forthcoming virtual event

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 17 October 2015

Chairman of the Internet of Things community Advisory Board, Bill Mortimer on the IoT Slam 2015 event  

IoT Slam 2015 logoSocial Media Portal (SMP): What is your name and what do you do there for IoT Slam 2015?

Bill Mortimer (BM): My name is Bill Mortimer, I am the conference chair and Chairman of the Internet of Things community Advisory Board. My role is to spearhead the direction, vision and execution of our IoT community efforts.

Social Media Portal (SMP): Briefly, tell us about IoT Slam 2015, what is it and what does the event strive to do?

BM: IoT Slam is the worlds first virtual conference and exhibition on the Internet of Things takes place on Wednesday, 09 December 2015 virtually in the Cloud, IoT Slam 2015 It will be delivered on US EST (GMT -5 hours)

The event is focused on covering standards, interoperability, open source, integration, security, infrastructure, business models, research, innovation, best practices, technology, industry implementation and regulatory compliance.

SMP: Who are your target audience and why?

BM: The event is targeted at the following executive, focusing upon:

Company leaders who want to; understand the actual revolutionary interruption of IoT, keep competitive, and understand a uncharted enterprise model involving IoT exactly where end-points can also be solutions. Business line executives who are seeking to leverage the power of IoT and take ownership of driving change within their enterprise cultures. Hardware designers who want to better align their IoT strategy to be connected, smart and adaptive.

Photograph of Bill Mortimer conference chair and Chairman of the Internet of Things community Advisory BoardSoftware programmers who produce smart, cost-effective, and intelligent applications. Innovators and start-ups creating the latest solutions to improve efficiencies, increase productivity, attract finance, and mature across the partner eco-system. Sales and marketing executives trying to find new, cost effective methods to identify and meet with new / existing clients.

Government policy makers and regulators who define, legislate, implement, and build smart / connected infrastructure to improve the consumer way of life. Investors who want to find their next big investment opportunity and stay ahead of their competitors. Academics undertaking research in engineering and computer sciences that will enable the connected world.

SMP: How long has the event been going for and what makes it different?

BM: This is the inaugural IoT Slam and what makes it different, is that this is not a “pay for play” event.  It’s all about gathering world class and exclusive content that outlines real world strategies, leadership advisory and methodology “SLAM”.

All content is free from any sales pitches! Every session contains real world, objective, informative content that viewers can take something meaningful away.

SMP: What are a few of the highlights and what keynotes are lined-up?

BM: The highlights of the event include world class and exclusive sessions from IoT thought leaders. Also, the ability for attendees to plug into the first virtual exhibition on IoT that will showcase leading edge solutions and offerings, with an impressive speaker line-up.

SMP: What do you hope attendees will take away from the event?

BM: Attendees can experience successful strategies for migration and integration of IoT with legacy / cloud and mobile systems.

They can connect virtually with hundreds of IoT decision makers, vendors, analysts and developers – all from the comfort of your machine. Explore the ROI potential of IoT deployment and adoption without having to shell out large budgets attending an in-person event.

Understand the key trends transforming and driving IoT, cloud, mobile and big data, the impressive schedule.

IoT Slam 2015 website image

SMP: How can attendees and other stakeholders get involved?

BM: In today’s corporate environment of diminishing budgets, ever squeezing margins, and limited time, it isn’t easy to justify the cost of attending a physical conference, or to take time out of the office.  That’s why we decided to create IoT Slam as a virtual event, to bring you fresh and insightful content direct to your home, office or mobile device. This gives attendees all the value of a real event, without the significant price tag associated with an in-person event.

Access to the event is priced with affordability in mind. Tickets can be secured from $199 for full access to live proceedings as well as content hosted online for three months post event. SMP readers can also benefit from a special 30% discounts.

Visit the IoT Slam Eventbrite page for ticket prices.

Golden Pass
Full Access to All Virtual event sessions. Full access to the Virtual Expo Hall. Full access to Virtual Networking Lounge Access to on-line content for three months delegate support $50USD Voucher For Next IoT Slam Event

Diamond VIP Pass
Full Access to All Virtual event Sessions Full Access to Virtual Expo Hall Access to VIP Virtual CxO lounge.
Full access to the Virtual Networking Lounge Access to on-line content for three months Download proceedings post event dedicated delegate technical support $100USD Voucher For Next IoT Slam

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Learn more about the IoT Slam conference at SMP’s event page.

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