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Analytics Leaders Summit 2016

Enigma CG (Enigma CG) - 11 May 2016

Analytics Leaders Summit

Dates: 11–13 May 2016
Location: Mandarin Oriental, 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, Singapore 039797

Don’t miss the opportunity to network with the top leaders and experts in the field of analytics at the Analytics Leaders Summit.

Analytics Leaders Summit logoBig Data and the 4 Vs (velocity, volume, variety and veracity) can be found everywhere which means it's here to stay.

Organisations such as those in the banking, insurance and retail industries actively collect and gather information on customers and predict how they will react to new products being offered. Love it or hate it but the internet combined with cookies and various software allows data to be collected every second which has helped to analyse customer behaviour faster than ever – what we call real time.

EnigmaCG is bringing together some of the top leaders within the industry recognised for their achievements in the analytical world, not just in SE Asia but globally. These leaders will be our speakers and will provide a platform to learn and discuss the best practices in analytics for predictive customer behaviour. We aim to cover nearly all the sectors that uses analytics with speakers coming from the leading industries.

EnigmaCG's event on analytics through its speakers and panel of judges will deliver the highest quality content, address the most current topics related to predictive customer behaviour through analytics with case studies which have proven to be success stories in the market today and showcase what they feel they can do with data in the future.

The summit is scheduled for a three-day exclusive event on the 11-13th May 2016 in Singapore with last day as workshop.

  • Malaysian delegates/companies 650 SDG per delegate
  • Chinese delegates/companies 650 SDG per delegate
  • Singaporean delegates/companies 850 SDG per delegate
  • Indian nationals/companies 650 SDG per delegate
  • Hong Kong delegates/companies 650 SDG per delegate
  • Others countries 650 SDG per delegate

Keep up-to-date on Twitter @EnigmaCG and hashtag #analyticsleadersummit and register at the website.

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