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The Tech Expo 2016

Mojo Solutions Event Management (Mojo Solutions Event Management) - 24 October 2016

The Tech Expo

Date: 24-25 October 2016
Location: etc Venue, 155 Bishopsgate London, London, UK

The Tech Expo - Explore & Engage with Emerging Tech in Context

The Tech Expo logoNow in its second year, The Tech Expo Conference & Exhibition is designed to Explore, Educate and Engage our audience in the Contextual use of Emerging Technologies. 
Topics covered include contextual tech, augmented reality and virtual reality (mixed reality), IoT, FinTech, 3D printing and robotics.

The Future of Tech is Contextual and it is becoming vital for Businesses, Marketers, Developers and Designers to engage with next generation technology and innovations to explore how to reach higher level solutions by bringing emerging technologies into context for enhanced UX, improved processes and advanced business solutions.

Use discount code TTE20 for 20% discount on our Explore & Engage passes.

For full event details and to register to attend The Tech Expo 2016 visit the website. Keep up-to-date on Twitter @TheTechExpo and hashtag #TTE2016

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