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7th Annual Risk Management Forum 2017

GLC Europe (GLC Europe) - 14 September 2017

7th Annual Risk Management Forum

Date: 14-15 September 2017
Location: Hotel Park Royal Palace Vienna, Schloßallee 8, 1140 Wien, Austria

7th Annual Risk Management Forum

Risk management in banking had to overcome many changes in past years mainly in response to regulations that emerged from the global financial crisis. And there are still new challenges ahead, risk management will experience even more extensive change in the next decade.

The 7th Annual Risk Management Forum will provide opportunities for attendees to listen insights, guidelines, practices from regulatory bodies, leading industry associations and banks/central banks.

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During the event participants will hear about the latest regulations, impacts of IFRS 9, stress testing practices, developments in risk measurement and there are many more topics to be discussed.

Learning outcomes
  • Get an overview about trends and predictions
  • Hear the leading practices
  • Get know how to reach an effective Risk culture
  • Hear the difficulties and solutions in implementing
  • Discover the developments and best practices
  • Gain insight about new guidance
  • Find out more about the upgraded Basel standards
  • Explore the estimated impacts

Among the top speakers
  • Stéphane Boivin, ECB, Germany
  • Gernot Stania, ECB, Germany
  • Mr. Hanna Sarraf, Bank of Ireland, Ireland
  • Mattia L. Rattaggi, UBS, Switzerland

Hot topics
As a result of sturdy market research for program content development, only today’s solutions and tomorrows challenges are unveiled.

Instant answers
One of a kind Q&A session at the end of every presentation to promote interaction and reveal the uncertain.

Great results in short-term

Gather a vast variety of pioneering information in a short-period, critical for thriving performance.

More reasons to attend

Industry-driven content

Backed by strong industry leading advisors the program is designed to uncover today’s solutions and tomorrow’s challenges.

The finest speakers

Senior and higher management presenters from top-notch industry establishments proven to make a difference.



Keep up-to-date about the 7th Annual Risk Management Forum via Twitter @GLCEurope.

Watch the highlight video Annual Risk Management Forum at YouTube.

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