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Matt Atkinson on Reuters Events Pharma Europe 2021

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 14 June 2021

Matt Atkinson from Reuters Events shares more about the forthcoming Reuters Events Pharma Europe virtual conference

Reuters Events logoSocial Media Portal (SMP): What is your name, job title and role for Reuters Events Pharma?

Matt Atkinson (MA): Iím Matt Atkinson, global project director, Reuters Events Pharma.

SMP: Briefly, tell us about Pharma Europe

MA: Reuters Events Pharma Europe (October 11-22, 2021, Virtual - formerly eyeforpharma Barcelona) is the only business-critical event for pharma pioneers and healthcare innovators. Itís where pharmaís decision-makers set the roadmap for a new industry-era. One where pharma, patients, providers, customers and society are united in their efforts of greater patient value.

SMP: Who are your target audience and why?

MA: The event attracts attendees from across pharma functions, including commercial, sales, marketing, IT, medical, patient engagement, market access, and RWE. This also includes stakeholders from payers, providers, policy makers and patient groups.
Photograph of Matt Atkinson global project director at Reuters EventsSMP: How long has the event been going and what does it strive to achieve?

MA: Into its 19th year - and second virtually - the event has transformed from sales-focused to span the entire commercial life-cycle and beyond. We strive to give attendees a visionary look at what the industry can be and the learnings on how they can all deliver on it.

SMP: What are the challenges that youíve encountered and how are you overcoming them in what you have been doing so far at Pharma Europe?

MA: The pharma industry has always had pockets of innovation and excellence and we always aim to showcase this. But the biggest challenge in a virtual format is finding the best way to deliver this content without creating virtual fatigue for the audience. Weíve created two-hour content modules that will take attendees on a journey from strategy to planning and then tactics/execution on their most pressing topics, whilst spreading them out over a two-week period. This will allow them to incorporate the event into their calendars without taking over their personal or work life.

SMP: What are the high moments of what you have been doing so far?

Itís amazing when you find a great speaker who is willing to push the industry or rock the boat with a great case study or strategic vision. And do we have a great line-up this year!

SMP: Why is Pharma Europe an important event for the industry?

MA: Itís where the industry finds the most forward thinking initiatives and benchmarks against the best. No other pharma event offers tackles such a range wide range of themes, topics or challenges from thought leaders spanning the healthcare spectrum.

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SMP: Whatís different about the event this year?

Last year we shifted the event from physical to virtual in under a month. A monumental task the entire team took in their stride. But whilst it was a huge success, with over a year under our belt creating events in this forum, we know so much more and are ready to put together the best virtual event in the world. From the newly created agenda structure to industry-leading platform, this is truly shaping up as a canít miss and we are excited for everyone to see the amazing content we are preparing.

SMP: How can stakeholders get involved and contact you?

You can contact me at or call at +44 02075138931 and I can put you in touch with the right person in the team.

Now some questions for fun

SMP: What did you have for breakfast / lunch?
MA: BBQ Shapes, a staple of any good Kiwi diet.

SMP: Whatís the last good thing that you did for someone?
MA: Made margaritas for some friends. Although I donít think they were that appreciate the day after.

SMP: If you werenít working at Reuters Events - Pharma, what would you be doing?
MA: Trying to make it as singer. Iíve been called the songbird of my generation.

SMP: The best thing you like about working for this event and why?
MA: The team. So many awesome, intelligent, hardworking people - canít beat it.

SMP: When / where did you go on your last holiday and why?
MA: Morocco for New Years in 2019. They were simpler times.

SMP: Whatís the first thing you do when you get into the office of a morning?
MA: Eat my breakfast whilst I check emails

SMP: If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

MA: Flying. London public transport is a pain and would be much easier to go on holiday.

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