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Investment Education Symposium 2023

Opal Group - 15 February 2023

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Investment Education Symposium

In conjunction with the Louisiana Trustee Education Council (LATEC)

Date: 15-17 February 2023
Location: Royal Sonesta New Orleans, New Orleans, LA, United States of America (USA)

This Investment Education Symposium aims to provide broad education and information on investing, fiduciary responsibility, and selection of money managers to the key decision-makers and other representatives of the nation's largest pension funds, endowments, foundations and other institutional investors.

Participants of this conference will have the chance to exchange ideas and learn from other delegates and presenters who manage some of the largest capital flows within both the traditional and the alternative investment communities.

Institutional investors will come from across the country not just to network but also to learn from the nation's leading institutional investors, asset managers, hedge fund managers, consultants and more.

The unique conference format
This conference will exclusively feature dialogue-driven panel discussions led by consultants and institutional investors. To maintain the educational value of our events, we prohibit any use of PowerPoint presentations during panel discussions.

Only standalone Speakers will be allowed to use PowerPoints during their presentation. Speakers must keep in mind the educational objective of this event. Speakers will not be allowed to market specific products or services during presentations.

Register for the Investment Education Symposium by visting the Opal Group registration page.

Visit the Opal Group website.

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