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Pharma Supply Chain & Security World 2023

Corvus Global Events - 28 March 2023

Pharma Supply Chain & Security World 2023 logo and banner 300x300Pharma Supply Chain & Security World

Date: 28-29 March 2023
Location: London, United Kingdom (UK)

The Annual Pharma Supply Chain & Security World Summit is back in London for the 5th time time with more focus on optimizing your supply chain challenges to ensure an agile, responsive, streamlined and secured supply chain.

The pharmaceutical supply chains are facing a significant challenge in the form of counterfeit drugs that are entering the supply chain from various points at different levels.

With a progressive agenda, learn how pharmaceutical companies that adopt an effective serialisation program have end-to-end visibility and traceability for all of their packaging, labelling, and distribution. This enables them to identify and quarantine counterfeit products rapidly. This helps to protect patients, consumers worldwide, brand equity, reputations and the company's revenue stream by ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for the serialisation of medicines in emerging markets. The rise of the digital supply chain has been accompanied by an ever-increasing number of regulations that have accelerated its development and adoption. Years ago, the pharmaceutical supply chain regulated only manufacturing and distribution. However, with a rise in the economic impact of counterfeit drugs on society, there have been attempts to improve serialisation processes even further.

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Despite past obstacles, innovations like IoT, AI and ML (and Blockchain) have led us into an exciting era of digitization within our industry. Data-driven algorithms and analytics will transform the pharmaceutical supply chain, helping it become more intuitive. With AI's predictive power combined with ML capabilities to analyse data speedily, pharma companies can use this information to make smarter decisions that lead to greater success throughout all stages of their operations. Combining AI with other advanced technologies, such as blockchain, can create an immutable and transparent system. This will also allow for the security of products to be improved in the long run by shielding them from counterfeit drugs or substandard medicines.

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