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The 'OnHollywood 100' winner and 'Red Herring 100 Global' finalist, Club Cooee transfers all the possibilities of classical instant messaging into a lively and fascinating 3D online world running right on the userís desktop. The customizable avatar not only enables users to chat with friends just like in any normal messenger, it also gives you the possibility to make new friends in Club Cooee and express your feelings with a multitude of animations like dancing, cheering or waving.


Club Cooee members have their own rooms that they can decorate according to their personal tastes also running seamless on the desktop. They can embed music, pictures and videos and turn their rooms into an individual multi-media chat environment. They can invite their friends and even make new ones there. Certain furniture objects can be used for direct links to favorite web sites, like the userís facebook profile, or for a connection to a web radio station that directly broadcasts into the room. Users or partners can also easily integrate their rooms into their websites.


With low system requirements and a small 3 MB client, Club Cooee runs on almost every desktop computer or notebook. The application works with Windows Vista and Windows XP operationg systems. Even if the members are not actively taking part in the Cooee-universe, they are being informed about all activities by short messages and they are always available for their friends.

TypeVirtual World
OwnerCooee GmBH
Launch date23 April 2009


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