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Crisp Thinking

About Crisp®

Crisp® is the foremost expert on the dangers of online grooming and internet bullying within children?s online experiences covering social networks, instant messaging to online games.  With offices in the UK and the Unites States, Crisp® has developed a comprehensive range of child protection solutions for home internet users, schools, charities, ISPs, MMO and social networking site developers and publishers.

Since 2005, its specialist technology has been identifying sexually inappropriate, threatening and abusive content and relationships across millions of online conversations, protecting thousands of children, every day.

Crisp® analyses massive amounts of message traffic daily and see the threats emerging before anyone else. Its analysis engines are constantly updated to detect these new behaviours, use of languages and slang, as well as new abuse tactics and provide its end users with the most up-to-date online child safety service available today.

In 2007, Cambridge University independently tested the Crisp® technology to an accuracy level of 98.4%, the only technology of its type in the world with this high level of accuracy.

The vast global insight the Crisp® network provides unique visibility into ever changing inappropriate online behaviour patterns and enables the highest level of online child safety available today.

Crisp® technology is trusted and utilised by hundreds of thousands of parents, schools, international media organisations worldwide and some of the UK?s largest Internet Service Providers.

OwnerCrisp Thinking Ltd
Launch date01 May 2006
OriginUnited Kingdom


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