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Growth Strategies

Growth Strategies

Collection of thoughts and experiences with regards to technology and the markets.

Guernsey Gardening Gal

Guernsey Gardening Gal

Guernsey Gardening Gal is about a first time time gardener, discovering gardening for the first time in surburbia, making mistakes, and experiencing the joys of owning a small plot with fresh eyes.   


Guidespot is a user-friendly multi-media publishing platform for producing user-generated local guides. Guidespot users can broadcast themselves through the text, photos, business listing reviews, videos, links and maps they incorporate on a guide, as well as connect with other authors.Local and national attractions and business listings, wh...



GyPSii connects people and content with places and networks, from work to play to home, using the web to complement your mobile access.  GyPSii allows you to social network, capture, edit, manage and share your user generated content and places, access and search location based content, services and points of interest, find people, your fri...

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