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Want to get your users HOOKED? Get FLYY, a powerful growth hacking tool for mobile apps, websites and SaaS tools.

FLYY has been built by a team who has worked on AppBrowzer – a super app, for the last four years. We understand the pain points of growth hackers, growth marketers, product managers and developers in achieving exponential and viral growth for their product.

Once FLYY’s plug-and-play SDK is integrated into a product, their growth/marketing team can start running acquisition, retention and engagement campaigns within few hours.

Want a demo to see how we can help you go viral? Drop an email

Acquire, engage and retain your app users with our plug and play SDK. Try

Do you hesitate to answer the below questions?

Checkout FLYY to help you with acquisition, engagement and retention.

  • A simple referral campaign can take 6-7 weeks of development and testing
  • Basic Daily check-in campaign can take 2-3 weeks of planning
  • An in-app gamification campaign can take months to execute
Launch date01 January 2020


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