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OleOle Football

OleOle is the worldwide leading social media site for football fans. Fans around the world need a site that enables news and information that is independent of the traditional media, leagues, clubs or organizations who deliver their own content. OleOle’s multi-lingual site enables football fans to connect with each other in an environment that has 100% fan-driven content - blogs, fan clubs, articles, news, wallpaper, match commentary, podcasts, photos, videos, stats, and history.

OleOle has taken the best technologies from social networking, social media and football news and created the only vertical social media platform for football. OleOle enables passionate fans to discuss any professional team, any player, match or competition in 10 different languages. OleOle is the future of online sports – where the fans participate in the conversation, but more importantly, create and drive the conversation. Fans want more than one reporter writing about their favourite team or player – they want opinions from multiple experts - and their friends. Most importantly they want their voice and opinion to be heard.

OwnerDoug Knittle, CEO
Launch date19 May 2008
OriginUnited States


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