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Small Change
The basic premise of Small Change: the potential to make a small change to the world using small change.

We can make a big difference with money that is otherwise forgotten and has little or no impact on our individual lives…

As you stroll along the street, occasionally you’ll see a dropped and forgotten coin. If it’s someone else’s unlucky day, a fiver or a note of larger denomination.

Typically, when it’s shrapnel, you either ignore it or you pick it up. If you pick it up, it’s lost amongst your other coinage, and its impact is minimal.

But if you put every coin or note you collect in a jar, by the end of the year you might have a noticeable amount of money. £3. £10. £50…who knows?

But it’s money you never earned, and that you’ll never miss. So why not put it to a good cause?

OwnerAnthony Hewson
Launch date08 April 2009
OriginUnited Kingdom


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