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StoreHippo is an E-Commerce platform built on the most advanced, scalable and fastest technology stack- MEAN (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS)

The platform provides a comprehensive solution for merchants who want to sell online or who want to develop custom mobile web application.

The platform has some advanced features which make the platform standout in comparison to other SaaS platforms. Some of the key features of the platform are highlighted below-
  • Multi-Vendor- Using StoreHippo, a user can set up a market place and list multiple sellers on it. He can analyze the performance of vendors, define the commission rate for his products and evaluate the commissions and the payouts to be made to vendor after deducting the commission.
  • Store Variants- A user can create multiple variants of the same store. A variant involves the template, currency, language, payment method etc. The condition for showing a particular variant to the customer could be based upon his location, device, type of customer or a combination of these.
  • Mobile Apps with minimal effort- Since the architecture itself is completely mobile optimized, you can create mobile apps through just a click from the dashboard itself.
  • Logistics, Payments and more- StoreHippo comes with integrated logistics for one click shipping, payment gateways for accepting online payments and loads of apps for marketing, customer engagement and optimization. So you don't have to go to different places in order to manage all these apps.
  • Customization- The platform is not restricted to only E-Commerce. We see ourself as a 'Beyond E-Commerce' Platform which can help you create comprehensive mobile web application through the system itself.
  • Technology-  As indicated earlier the platform is built on the most scalable NodeJS framework which can handle concurrency like no other language framework. This is what google trends has to say about the growth of MEAN Stack (NodeJS)   This is what the growth of LAMP stack looks like The platform is hosted on the World's Leading Cloud Infrastructure- Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Akamai CDN.
Launch date01 January 2014


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