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WeMakeItSafer is a high-tech, social venture that builds web applications for consumers, manufacturers and retailers to identify and share information about unsafe, recalled products. 

ItemsIOwn ( is a free tool for consumers, schools, hospitals and childcare facilities to check belongings for recalls and monitor for future safety problems. 

SimplyCheck ( is a tool for online sellers, marketplaces and resale shops to easily check and certify items against past recalls, and offer free recall alert services to their customers. It is a simple, cost effective way to protect customers, mitigate risk and increase customer loyalty. 

For consumer product companies, WeMakeItSafer offers the ability to connect with product-owners in unique ways that improve safety while protecting brand-equity and increasing customer loyalty. 


The "We" in WeMakeItSafer means all of us - each doing his or her part to make the world a safer place. As a company, WeMakeItSafer's job is to build tools and services that make taking part easier. 

Our mission is to dramatically reduce the number of product-related injuries, illnesses and deaths that occur each year worldwide. In so doing, we not only save lives, we help to build stronger, more socially responsible and financially stable companies.

OwnerJennifer Toney
Launch date09 February 2011
OriginUnited States


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