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Werkadoo is about the coolest company out of Houston since ... well, we can't think of anyone cooler.  Starting out of a brick and mortar business that provided workspace to freelancers, Werkadoo began to slowly but surely find its footing.  After out-growing our 'house of talent', we decided to take our vision online, and change the way the world gets work done.  This leads to our overlying mission: Creating value for our end users.

Werkadoo gives remote professionals the tools they need to showcase their skills, bids on jobs from companies around the world, and make a living doing the work they love!  On the flipside, our project management tools and features will save businesses money on overhead and make them more efficient by providing the ability to find, hire, effectively manage, and pay their remote professionals all in one place.  Whew, out of breath there.

But, don't be confused, we're not just a place for businesses to list jobs and professionals to submit to them.  That's like, so yesterday.  We value long-term relationships, and believe the remote work environment is more efficient, effective, and enjoyable.  We hope you'll join us in ditching the cubicle!
OwnerBridgette Penel & Travis Skweres
Launch date01 April 2009
OriginUnited States


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