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Winwap Technologies

Winwap Technologies Oy is specialized in software technologies for Mobile Internet browsing (WAP) and Multimedia Messaging (MMS). The product portfolio includes the popular WinWAP browser and the MMS client for Windows, Windows Mobile and many custom platforms. Other popular products include the Software Development Kits for WAP browsing, WAP connectivity and Multimedia Messaging.

Winwap Technologies is privately owned and was founded in 1995 by Mikael Krogius, who currently is the CEO of the company. Since the first days of operation Winwap Technologies has been involved in telecommunications, and in 1999 the mobile Internet market was entered with the WinWAP browser. Today the main focus is on wireless technologies like the the mobile Internet browser and Messaging technologies.

At Winwap Technologies we take pride in customer service and flexibility. In order to continue the growth of our Mobile technology business we will continue doing our best to keep our existing and potential customers satisfied with our products and services.

OwnerWinwap Technologies
Launch date09 June 2008


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