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eSeller Media
When it comes to eCommerce and multichannel, if you look about your business and see that responsibility for this transformational growth area rests squarely on your shoulders...eSeller is for you!

Whether you are an ambitious owner/manager in a small or medium-sized enterprise or the pioneering (if under-resourced!) manager in a very large business, eSeller helps you with practical, flannel-free advice on how to get things done and just sell more!

Selling is at the heart of what we do. There are many wonderful business advice sites online and we leave it to them to cover health and safety, legal and compliance, funding and politics. We have a simple focus: selling. Our aim to is get you selling online, get you more customers, sell your products and services, set more to your retained customers and then grow your multichannel business further.

Thatís it. As a former Prime Minister might have said, our priority is Selling, Selling and Selling.

This means a combination of news and insights to inform and inspire, training and practical advice so you can act immediately, plus research, webinars and anything else we can create, reference or show in order to help you sell.

eSeller is for commercial people adopting digital channels, who aspire to the standards and experience of the established market leaders yet lack their resources. While we canít provide free staff weíre doing our best to even the odds in your favour!

Source: eSeller Media
OwnerMark Pigou
Launch date01 December 2012
OriginUnited Kingdom


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