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The Market Research Portal (MRP) offers a host of online resources and research related articles being highly relevant to market research buyers, researchers, newcomers to the industry, students and individuals with an interest in the market research industry. The site has been put together by a UK market research consultancy: DJS Research Ltd. We now have 3,200 different users visiting the site each day - mainly from the UK or the United States of America. Other traffic comes from various countries including: Ireland, India, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands and New Zealand.
The web site can help in many ways, including?
Market Research Buyers
  • If you are working on the client-side you will be keen to hear about the latest market research findings within your industry. Use the Research Findings section to source the latest published survey results. Other industry news can be found within the Market Research News section. Also browse the Library of Articles to keep up to speed with the latest research techniques. The Suppliers section might be of interest as well.

Market Researchers

  • If you are a market or social researcher, how often is the forgotten art of desk research dismissed or not undertaken? Before writing a proposal or starting a new project all researchers should at least undertake some desk research. MRP is a great starting point for this; use the Research Findings section to research your particular industry. In addition, have a look at the Library of Articles section for some inspiration on that important proposal.

New Market Researchers

  • For those new to the industry the Market Research Portal gives a definition of market research, provides detailed information about qualitative research, quantitative research and offers free access to a number of online articles. There is also a full Market Research Glossary.

Students & Academics

  • If you are studying you will also be interested in our range of articles, along with the glossary of terms, careers information and free Online Advice Service.
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