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swabr is the successful symbiosis between a network like Facebook and short messages as used in Twitter. Nevertheless, on swabr each company has its own, closed and private network for employees with a verified email address. Distractions by games or apps like on Facebook are non-existent, besides swabr is subject to German data protection regulations.

How can I communicate simultaneously with several colleagues from different locations in real time, without having to send out a great number of email CC's? And how can we keep working efficiently at the same time? swabr is the answer to these questions.

Real-time communication is the future of internal enterprise collaboration. Facebook and Twitter offer the possibility of real-time communication, however they do not provide functionality for companies. swabr’s solution is a "Facebook for companies". Every 20 years, a new, wide-spread form of cooperation is adopted by the enterprise world. After Facebook and Twitter having established a new type of communication for consumers, swabr now offers the advantages of real-time communication for companies.

swabr is free, simple and intuitive to use. swabr is internal real-time communication and helps companies and organizations to work together faster and more effectively. The name swabr is derived from the German term “Schwarzes Brett 2.0", which means “bulletin board 2.0". The company swabr GmbH is based in Berlin, Germany and is led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and developers. After two successful tests, the public version was presented in 2011. In the future, monetization will be made through monthly usage fees for premium features.

Currently, more than 1,000 companies from 70 countries worldwide are using swabr.
Launch date05 December 2011


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