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Jamiroquai to release new social networking enabled site

Rachel Hawkes (Social Media Portal) - 06 December 2007

Funk band Jamiroquai announced the launch of their new social networking enabled site, which is set to go live at some point today.  

The new site will enable fans to interact more intimately with the band and other like-minded fans.  Jamiroquai widgets will allow users to take content to their blogs and social networking sites to share information about the band.  Information that can be syndicated through the widgets include music, video and tour and event information.  

Lead singer of Jamiroquai, Jay Kay says, “The internet is shaping the future of music and I’m excited by the potential it offers artists. The new site takes advantage of the internet’s growing ability to connect and share more intimately with our fans."

Interestingly, the calendar software employed accross the site catalogues the bands history from the early 1990s.

According to a press release issued today by London media consultancy Elemental, the new site will also feature an e-commerce platform where fans will be able to purchase CDs and exclusive merchandise as well as digital content. was built by Estonian based software company Modera, and project managed by Jamiroquai's management company, Million Media.

Siim Vips, chief executive officer at Modera exlains, "The site works in tandem with the bands profiles on MySpace, Virb, Netvibes, Imeem and a branded YouTube channel to name a few. All of Jamiroquai’s photography and imagery is available on the new site and is pulled from Flickr so fans can catch the latest snaps of the band at gigs and on tour.”

The move by Jamiroquai follows Australian pop-star Klyie Minogue's KylieKonnect and BMG owned Label, RCA Music Group announcing a new partnership that will allow music fans to personalise their social network with details of their favourite RCA artist.

Disclaimer: Modera is a client of SMP founder, Elemental

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