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KickApps release social networking platform for consumers

Rachel Hawkes (Social Media Portal) - 13 February 2008

KickApps, the US based social media platform, today announced that they have grown substantially over the last year, and claim that this now places them as “the platform of choice” for media companies and publishers.

With the announcement of growth, the company have launched Yuku, a consumer orientated platform that allows every-day users to create and moderate their own online communities.  Yuku allows users to create up to five different profiles under the one account, where they can share images, blog and create their own discussion board.

KickApps say, “The success of Yuku shows that robust message boards, when supercharged with a range of social media applications, can be one of the best ways to quickly launch and grow niche communities.”

According to the press release issued today, KickApps receive 250 million page views per month – over eight million of which come from unique visitors.

In December (2007), KickApps announced a partnership with AOL’s to allow their customers to quickly and easily generated revenue through in-stream video advertising.  KickApps customers include ABC Family, VIBE Magazine, HBO, Cinemax, BET Networks, Cox Television, Fila, Kraft Foods and P&G.

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