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Popularity for instant messenger on social utility Facebook grows

Rachel Hawkes (Social Media Portal) - 12 February 2008

In less than 30 days, Facebook users have sent over one million messages to each other in real-time conversation with thanks to a month old instant messenger application.

Through the Social.IM application, users are able to have a live written conversation with friends, colleagues and family just as they might through traditional instant messenger clients such as Yahoo!, AOL and Live Messengers.  With the popularity of Facebook applications, Facebook’s easy to use email client and now an instant messenger client – Facebook is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop Social Utility.

Social.IM’s chief executive officer Yan-David Elrich comments, “The success of Social.IM can be attributed to the overwhelming need for a messaging application that brings real-time chat to Facebook.  Prior to Social.IM, chatting with Facebook friends was a multi-step process. Social.IM solves this problem because friends on Facebook automatically become friends on Social.IM.”

Social.IM plans to launch in other social networking sites in the near future.

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