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Second Life Residents to access their virtual world on mobile

Rachel Hawkes (Social Media Portal) - 18 February 2008

Arguably the world’s most popular virtual world, Second Life, will be soon be available to users on their mobile phone – providing they have a 3G (third generation) handset.

Second Life on mobile is possible through a strategic partnership with Vollee, a specialist mobile gaming company and their mobile games streaming technology.

Vollee’s chief executive officer, Martin Dunsby explains, “What we have developed is a service which, for the first time, allows you to access a rich persistent virtual 3D world the way it is supposed to be experienced on your phone.  This is a true ‘before and after moment’ in which mobile is living up to its potential in serving as an always on, connected platform.”

From May 2008, those that have pre-registered to trial the Second Life 3G platform will be able to interact, explore and communicate through the mobile re-formatted virtual world.

“For Linden Lab, this represents an intuitive way to extend the reach and accessibility of the Second Life Grid platform.  This is a great way for Second Life Residents to stay connected to their friends, business and experiences in-world, wherever they are,” concludes Chris Mahoney, business development manager at Linden Labs, Second Life’s parent company.

Initially, Second Life will be offered in beta trial at no cost (excluding network data costs), and existing Second Life Residents will be able to sign in using their existing account.

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