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3jane relaunches music social network Makeoutclub

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 28 July 2008


Media design and services firm 3jane has announced the relaunching of Makeoutclub (MOC), a pioneering social networking platform that since its foundation eight years ago has been a meeting place for the underground music community.  The new version showcases several original functionalities that aim to offer hardcore, emo and indie fans richer and more varied opportunities for online socialising, flirting and keeping up to date with friends and current events on the alternative scene.

The new features kick off with the introduction of a revamped ?My MOC? control panel designed for smoother navigation and interaction.  An integrated friend activity feed keeps the user abreast at all times of who is online and their recent MOC activity, whilst a ?people you should know? section automatically displays a selection of like-minded MOC members he or she might wish befriend.

A fresh way to flirt is on offer in the form of the ?Crush List? feature, which enables members to secretly ?crush? another person, with crushes being revealed only when two people have ?crushed? each other.  Hot news topics in the music industry are chronicled on the site?s news blog.

3jane director of product development Gibby Miller casts the event as a way of following the direction in which the site has spontaneously evolved since its inception, commenting that, ?When I launched the site eight years ago I was aiming to bring people together to form bands, play music and share photographs and art with those that appreciate and relate to their passions.  Makeoutclub has grown leaps and bounds since then and now serves as a music news and community site, allowing members to keep track of the industry, their friends and romantic interests at a single destination.?

Its new clothes notwithstanding, MOC remains true to its original concept: that of a niche online venue where the young, avant-garde music crowd can source the hottest and latest bands, meet and interact on the basis of their own tastes and values.

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