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AOL’s Platform-A announces Goowy widget-based advertising tool at no extra charge

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 23 July 2008


AOL’s digital advertising arm Platform-A announced today the addition of AOL subsidiary Goowy’s widget creation and management service to its advertisement distribution offer.  By putting together creation, syndication and measurement tools into a single package, the new feature aims to provide a key-in-hand solution for implementing widget-based promotion campaigns.

In concrete terms, advertisers can use Goowy to create their own customised widgets and circulate them throughout Platform-A’s distribution network, which extends beyond the platform’s own media properties to include several thousands of sites within third-party network

Widgets can be served as advertisements through the Bebo and Facebook applications that are part of’s Widgnet publisher network.  They are also “grabbable” by users and therefore easy to embed within third-party sites, fully leveraging the viral potential of social advertising.

The press release announcing the launching stresses that in contrast with the extra Cost Per Mil (CPM) rates charged by other (un-named) widget providers, the new service is available to all Platform-A's clients at no extra charge.  Widget publishers can also use Goowy for free by joining the Widgnet publisher network and agreeing to display advertising within their widgets, with the revenue generated to be shared out between the publisher and the host network.

President of Platform-A Lynda Clarizio insists on the increased scope widget-based promotional content brings to advertising campaigns, voicing her assurance that, “Widget-based advertising is gaining momentum in the industry, and Platform-A’s network approach allows our customers to build brands, encourage interaction, and drive site traffic – all at scale.”  Intended to illustrate this added value, an example of a widget-based campaign is pointed to in the press release.

Acquired by AOL in February 2008, Goowy Media is part of the company’s People Networks business unit, which encompasses social media network Bebo, the AIM and ICQ personal communications network, as well as social search and answer service Yedda.

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