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Affiliate social marketing platform Offergrapevine reports early success

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 24 July 2008


In the first five days of its pre-launch campaign, a new website combining social networking and affiliate marketing has gained over 10,000 members.  Built around a “one-click” affiliate networking tool that enables individual users to quickly build a large personal buying network (or “grapevine”), is alleged to offer unprecedented opportunities for leveraging social media’s viral marketing potential.

Engineered by online marketing firm In Touch Marketing, the new offering stems from the conviction that word of mouth is, and always has been, the most effective channel for advertising campaigns, and that web-based social networking is its most potent incarnation to date.  The press release announcing the site’s early success backs up this diagnosis with figures from a Pew Internet research research poll, whose findings include the fact that online shopping has grown by over 500% since 2000, and that 81% of all internet users rely on the internet to research their purchases.

Conceived to answer these trends, functions as a searchable shopping resource featuring hundreds of major consumer and B2B companies, combined with a social networking platform and an affiliate system that pays users to recommend the site to friends, colleagues and family members, a viral process referred to as ‘building a grapevine”.

In virtue of this “One-click” system, each purchase of recommended products or services through the network generates revenue for the friend, or even friend of a friend who endorsed them.  A consumer review and voting feature is also planned to be released within the coming week.

Avowedly timed in order to capitalise on the next Christmas shopping spree, has announced that it hopes to have reached an audience of over 200,000 members by autumn this year.

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