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Association of Virtual Worlds launches closed beta online headquarters

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 23 July 2008


The Association of Virtual Worlds (AVW), a worldwide professional association for the fast expanding virtual worlds industry, has announced the opening on an invitation-only basis of its company headquarters. In keeping with the object of the organisation, these consist of a 3D subsisting online environment.

In their current closed beta guise, AVWs virtual headquarters present an intuitive visual domain where association members will be able congregate, socialise and conduct business regardless of their respective physical locations.  Upon completion, it is destined to feature a variety of virtual buildings dedicated to specific functions, including conference, seminar, and meeting rooms, a research and resource centre, a career centre, virtual worlds pavilion, cafs, virtual bars and networking facilities. It will be accessible around the clock from any internet connection.

Founder Editha Kaye sees the new offering not only as a venue for association members, but also as a means of increasing public awareness of the social and commercial potential of virtual worlds, commenting that "The Association is a vibrant and growing group. Now the headquarters is here, and will serve not only its membership, but also showcase this emerging industry to an increasingly interested public."

The AVWs stated mission is to educate, network, recruit, and generally serve the needs of people whose professional needs or entertainment tastes lead them to take a sustained interest in virtual worlds.

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