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BA’s new social network Metrotwin aims to unite London and New York

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 09 July 2008


Developed by British Airways, a new blogging and social networking site is set to bring a traditional concept into the digital age. aims to foster ties between Londoners and New-Yorkers on the basis of a “twinning” theme that will function as a guiding thread running through the entire content of the site.

Users are encouraged to link or “twin” all manner of things in both cities by issuing recommendations following an “if you like this, you will like that” formula.  “Ultimately we want everything on the site to have a ‘twin’, whether it be a place, a neighbourhood or a person,” writes development team member Richard Lawson on Metrotwin’s official blog.

His colleague ‘Tim’ sums things up, explaining, “What’s Metrotwin?  Well, in a nutshell it’s a totally new way to experience London and New York: an online community that brings you recommendations of the best places to go in both cities from the people who actually live and work there.”

The site has been under construction since April and was soft-launched on an invitation-only basis on 03 July 2008.  Its official launching is announced for later this summer, and is expected to be backed by a large budget promotional campaign.

It is not yet known whether British Airways plans to extend this twinning concept to other destinations.

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