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Cartoon Network opens Mini Match, a social gaming virtual world for kids

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 02 July 2008


Children’s entertainment pursues its migration from the TV to the computer screen with the launch of Mini Match, a new virtual world from Cartoon Network.

Mini Match is an online environment focused around multi-player games where children can meet and play online games with friends.  The Cartoon Network claim that Mini Match is one of the few virtual worlds focused on multi-player gaming.  The virtual world allows a younger audience to immerse themselves in a fully-fledged social gaming environment alongside classic chat and exploration features.

“Mini Match opens up a whole new world of gaming to our online audience”, said Paul Condolora, senior vice president, digital for Turner Broadcasting System Inc.’s Animation, Young Adults and Kids Media Group.  “The action-adventure theme complements some of our most popular shows and provides kids with a safe virtual destination for social gaming.”

Once they have created a customizable avatar, players are ready to enter a variety of graphically sophisticated environments based on familiar Cartoon Network shows, where they can then engage in a selection of social activities on offer.  These are either competitive or collaborative, ranging from spontaneous multiplayer “tag” battles to social puzzle-solving.  Activities are practised against the back-drop of a mystery story that progressively unfolds the microscopic world in which Mini Match takes place.

By chatting to each other, using a custom dictionary that automatically edits out inappropriate word-content, kids can work together in order to discover the key to the plot.  Playing games is rewarded with points that allow kids to further customize their avatars and acquire new in-game equipment and abilities.

By offering an interactive and family-friendly online gaming venue based on its own themes, Cartoon Network seeks to reinforce audience identification with its branded content such as Ben 10 or Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

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