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Content sharing platform to integrate with Twitter

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 31 July 2008


Private content sharing enabler has announced a new version of its applications suite, timed to coincide with the package’s integration with social networking and micro-blogging platform Twitter.

Twitter users will now benefit from ‘real-time’ sharing of files previously uploaded to online sharing points (called a ‘drop’) through their personalised Twitter stream.  This can be done simply by visiting the relevant drop and keying in a Twitter username and password, whereupon the corresponding Twitter stream will be automatically updated whenever new files uploaded to the drop. This can be done through a variety of different channels, including’s website, widgets, email, MMS, phone or fax.  Twitter updates (or ‘Tweets’) incorporate a direct link to the relevant content on

The new features being rolled out for the occasion include an upgraded note editor that allows for rich text composition, as well as the ability to embed rich media content from well-known social media sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Digg, Viddler, Seesmic and Vimeo.  Drop administrators are now able to choose the default time zone for all views and uploads, a functionality that comes into its own in connexion with the introduction of date and time stamping in RSS Alerts.  SMS updates have also been added.

Other enhancements are intended to improve the suite’s presentation and ease of use, such as a new file sorting system, a photo rotation option and an optimised version of’s PicLens viewer. chief executive officer Sam Lessin casts the platform’s integration with Twitter as the logical continuation of the two players natural complementarity, observing that, “Now, Twitter users can use to post any sort of media into their Twitter streams from all the inputs.  The instant ability to ‘Twitter’ out any ‘dropped’ file to an infinite number of Twitter accounts streamlines the online file sharing experience, while giving users extended control over the distribution of their content.”

The event illustrates the mutual benefit that social media providers can derive from linking their respective offerings to take advantage of each other’s core expertise.

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