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LiveWorld delivers key-in-hand social website development tool LiveAPI 2.0

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 29 July 2008


Social media marketing agency LiveWorld, Inc. has launched a new range of application program interfaces (APIs) for its social network platform.  Christened LiveAPI 2.0, the new offering is designed as a tool for independent agencies as well as corporate development teams who wish to plan, construct, maintain and fine-tune branded social networking websites sat within LiveWorld’s Community Centre platform.

LiveAPI 2.0’s core functionalities include the ability to easily integrate community content into any web page and standards based on Secure Transaction Model: XML or JSON Format, SOAP Protocol (Rest avail in Q4 08).  Designed for cost-effectiveness, the pricing model is based on API calls instead of full page view rates.

LiveWorld chairman and chief executive officer Peter Friedman traces the project to the clients’ expressed wish for state-of-the-art, key-in-hand solution to their development needs, explaining that, "Our agency partners and clients with strong in-house development teams told us they wanted the best of the both worlds: LiveWorld's social networking platform and unparalleled skills in managing communities combined with the agency’s own ability to develop and change the web site themselves.”  He sees the result of LiveWorld’s efforts as fully answering their prayer, asserting that, "LiveAPI 2.0 delivers this solution in any combination of API platform and turnkey system our clients want."

Extensive documentation, sample code, access to a sandbox development environment and membership of LiveWorld’s API developer community are provided to smooth the learning curve for new customers and make the new tool as user-friendly as possible.

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