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New UGC site VideoMD to bring doctors and patients together

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 11 July 2008


Current trends in social media include the expansion of user-generated resources from everyday, commonplace knowledge in the direction of ever increasingly specialized and even professional expertise.  This tendency is illustrated by the launch of VideoMD, a new user generated content (UGC) website encouraging physicians to upload videos geared towards their real-life patients.

Doctors are able to create their own personal profile, which is referenced on the site so that patients can search for them by name.  The conformity to professional standards of the information provided is ensured by a review system whereby submitted videos appear on the site only after they have been screened for medical content and relevance.

VideoMD’s president Dean Heller, MD, cites the main goal of the new offering as using web 2.0 tools to bridge the gap between patients and doctors, saying that, "With all of the stress today on the physician-patient relationship, doctors need to use technology to their advantage to improve this relationship.  We think VideoMD can be a useful tool in strengthening the bond between patients and their doctors."

The site aims to grow into a comprehensive online library of medical knowledge, where users can seek advice both from their own family physician and from eminent specialists in the remoter fields of medicine.  A community dimension is added by a video blogging feature that allows patients to form support groups centred on specific health themes.

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