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New UGC site for Muslims launches with 24x7 broadcasting

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 04 July 2008


As the boundaries of social media expand to coincide with those of society in general, it is only to be expected that new platforms should emerge aiming to satisfy the requirements of specific communities.  Announced today MuslimChannels is a new user generated content (UGC) site that provides Muslims around the world with an online venue where the standards of censorship concur with their religious beliefs.

The site offers several live 24x7 news broadcasts edited from an Islamic perspective as well as religious, educational and entertainment programs.  The sources from which this content is gleaned include Al Jazeera English, LinkTV, Press TV and DemocracyNow.  Two religious channels (which also broadcast around the clock) run programmes that are currently drawn from Huda TV and IslamChannels.

In addition, users can upload and share video or textual content and connect with each other on the site’s forums.  This social dimension is essential to the project, which was designed to encourage its target audience to pool their knowledge in order to create a vast online resource of religious and other user-generated scholarship.  

"We are optimistic many of our scholars and Imams from the 1000+ Islamic centres across the country, and our user base, will add tens of thousands of pieces of useful content," said Stephanie Khan, communication director of MuslimChannels.

While the site’s administrators have tended to place the emphasis on the religious and educational dimension of the endeavour, they have also drawn attention its recreational and commercial aspects.  Regarding the former, Mrs. Kahn claims that the exclusion of "sexual" or "hate" videos will make the site a haven for “clean entertainment”.  With a view to the latter, business users can post promotional videos free of charge and reach out to their local customers by means of a special "one click" feature.

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