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New online community for new born baby experts on

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 02 July 2008


Birth related experts may now interact with each other through a new social network specially tailored to their needs.  Sat within, a website offering a wide variety of resources connected with its namesake topic, the "Expert's Community" will offer professionals like lactation consultants, midwives, doulas, and child birth educators an unprecedented online venue where they can swap practical advice, share anecdotes and find practical or moral support.

As well as liaising with their peers, users are expected to benefit from being afforded the opportunity to grow through reaching out to the 200,000 individual users who visit every year.  Mothers seeking information or just looking for friendly contact will be able to access Expert’s Community personal blogs, which are displayed on the main site.

President of Victor Babbitt has presented the launching of Expert's Community as a win-win scenario,  He comments, “Finding a midwife, doula, or lactation consultant in your area can be challenging. With our directories, a visitor looking for say, a midwife, can use the zoomable maps to find the ones near her, and then click into each professionals profile on the Experts community to learn about them. Making it easy to connect these professionals with potential clients, while at the same time bringing more expert advice into the web is a great use of Web 2.0." purports to supply new mothers with comprehensive information and services on all subjects related to nursing and child health.  Expert's Community is the second social network to be added to the site, which already boasts a network dedicated exclusively to mothers.

According to the press release issued by today, the site has two million new mothers visit each year and credits its success to useful resources that add value to their core audience, with no budget spent on advertising.

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