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New social recommendation site DropToMe launches

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 08 July 2008, a new online community that combines social e-commerce trends with social networking has launched today.

By means of a colourfully presented drag and drop interface, enables users to quickly and easily create lists of their favourite products from a wide range of categories, including music, video games, books, apparel and office products.  These lists can then be published and circulated with friends, and added to their profile on popular social utility, Facebook.

Andrew Vincent, president of Adora Interactive Corporation, the company behind DropToMe explains his vision, "We love discovering new things: that new book that we can't put down, that new single that we just can't stop listening to, or that new movie that changes the way we look at things.  Even more, we love sharing our discoveries and the experience of finding that perfect 'something' with our friends.  We want to bring that experience online and share it with everyone."

Adora Interactive Corporation says that by focusing on comparisons rather than rankings and matching users according to their product lists, the proprietary algorithm that powers’s ‘recommendation engine’ efficiently waives irrelevant recommendations, thus solving a problem frequently encountered on e-commerce websites.

DropToMe users are also able to ‘drop’ products to their friend’s ‘Drop Box’, rate and review products and write a Mini Blog that is visible to the community.  Each product is displayed with a ‘Buy/View’ and ‘Own it’ buttons.  If a user decides to buy a particular product they have discovered they are able to click through to complete their purchase on popular e-commerce site, Amazon.  

DropToMe is a member of Amazon's Associate program, a service that pays its members a commission based on click-through’s to Amazon that result in a purchase.

Vincent says that applications for other social networking sites such as MySpace are in the process of being developed, and should be available to the community in the near future.

The site launched in beta on 31 March 2008.

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