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Shanda brings together popular Chinese self-publishing networks

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 04 July 2008


Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited (or Shanda), a Chinese interactive entertainment company has launched a new subsidiary, Shanda Literature Limited

The new company will be dedicated specifically to publishing original, reader-generated works according to the company website, “From magic fantasy, swordsmen, military, history to contemporary stories.”  This list would seem to suggest that the project’s focus extends beyond the publication of fiction to that of the humanities and social sciences.

Shanda Literature operates three distinct networks., purchased by Shanda in 2004, currently serves an audience of over 20 million users which allegedly generate a traffic rate of 220 million page views per day., which Shanda acquired in March 2008, is a smaller platform with approximately 1.8 million users and focuses on ‘pure literature’, i.e. fiction.  Finally, is geared specifically towards female users and claims 700,000 registered accounts. was acquired by Shanda in August 2007.

Xiaoqiang Hou, CEO of Shanda Literature, voices his ambition, expressing the hope that, "Shanda Literature will bring together the most talented writers in Chinese online literature.”

Comment by Chen Tianqiao, chairman and CEO of Shanda adds another dimension to this picture.  He says, "Shanda Literature plays an important role in the development of all of Shanda's business units as Shanda will be able to leverage Shanda Literature's user-generated literary works and story lines to develop additional online games for Shanda Games".

It would thus appear that although Shanda Literature purports to serve a wide variety of writing genres, its helmsmen’s minds are at least partly focused on harnessing users’ creativity to promote and develop branded content connected with Shanda’s range of web-based social games, which includes classic board-style games alongside popular MMORPGs’ such as The Legend of Mir II or Dungeons & Dragons Online.

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