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Social networking site checkMD aims to drive healthcare reform

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 23 July 2008


Announced today, a new social network centred on healthcare aims to help solve healthcare problems on two levels at once by linking the concrete medical difficulties faced by United States’ citizens to those affecting the national healthcare system that is supposed to address them.  To this end, CheckMD endeavours to provide a resource of practical information and advice whilst promoting a conception of healthcare reform based on personal accountability.

The new offering presents itself as a tool designed to enable all individuals involved in healthcare to make the most informed decisions possible, whether they are patients, medical professionals or pharmaceutical or insurance companies.

Users can source, rate and recommend healthcare professionals and institutions through a Physician and Hospital Research feature.  Physicians and hospitals can join the community as Consumer Advocate Partners.  Patients and professionals can also share their experiences of sickness, surgery, medical procedures and medications on the site’s ‘HealthTree Communities’ forums.  Finally, Users are explicitly encouraged to voice their political views and interact on the subject of healthcare reform.

CheckMD founder and President Jon Black grounds this combined practical and political approach on the belief that both aspects are inextricably intertwined, commenting that, “Today, America suffers from a healthcare system that is focused less on quality healthcare and more on profit and expediency.  I believe quality healthcare does exist and I created checkMD as a way to inspire a new confidence so people can find and demand it.”

It is likely that the success of the endeavour will be measured by its ability to merge two erstwhile separate audiences: those seeking practical medical advice and those interested in the political aspects of healthcare.

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