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UAN.ME launched to promote new "Social Bookmarketing" concept

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 28 July 2008

Announced today, a website called UAN.ME aims to reconcile social bookmarking with online marketing.  Built on the new DOT ME top level domain (TLD), the platform calls this deliberately liberal approach "Social Bookmarketing".

In concrete terms, UAN.ME is an online venue that allows search engine optimization (SEO) firms and internet marketers to bookmark their clients' websites and blogs alongside with private individuals referencing their favourite stories, websites, and blogs.

The offering was developed in response to a tendency observed in classic social bookmarking sites to exclude bookmarks by online marketers and SEO professionals.  Based on the belief that such bookmarks deserve to be welcomed as a valid means of promoting a website or company, it was conceived as a resource enabling professionals to better manage their online reputation.

Site owner Charles Crawford Jr. strongly underlines that this outlook does not extend to illicit activity such as spamming, insisting that "Legitimate stories about SEO and Internet Marketing as well as genuine stories about your products or services are welcome.  However, self-promoting spam and scraped content is not.  I know the difference and so will the UanMe community."  He assures that suitable procedures will be carried out to eliminate parasitic content.

Charles Crawford Jr. is the owner of Texas-based company Crawford Business Development.


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