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Whrrl announces new social game and discovery application for Facebook

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 30 July 2008


Mobile social network service Whrrl has released a new social discovery application for Facebook.  Christened “Been Here? Like it or Not?”, it presents itself as an interactive game in which users compete to show their friends that they are the most clued-up as to where the best venues are in their locality and beyond.

First time users need to enter their location and select the category of places they want to rate.  The user interface then appears as an interactive map, paired with a list of relevant local establishments.  The user can rate these simply by clicking on them, as well as indicating the names of the friends in whose company he or she visited them.

As places accumulate ratings, their popularity or bad reputation become visible on the map in the form of icons charged either positively (green) or negatively (red).  Users themselves gain points according to the number of places they rate and progress in status from “Tourist” to “A-list”, which gives the game its competitive edge as players vie to establish which of them is the most urbane.

The offering’s core function, however, is that of a mobile social recommendation service, with users able to consult their friends’ maps to find places of interest when exploring new localities in the footsteps of others.

Jon Landers, senior vice president of marketing at Whrrl’s parent company Pelago, confirms that the application's social gaming aspect is too some extent an ancillary to its central purpose as a discovery tool, explaining that, “since the game draws its location information from Whrrl there are millions of places to choose, rate and share with friends, making it a great resource for discovering cool new hotspots in your city”.

“Been Here? Like it or Not?” is free and can be downloaded from the Facebook applications page.

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