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Celebrity blog adds social networking elements

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 06 August 2008


Celebrity gossip website has announced the addition of new features, in a video presented by Perez himself on the site?s homepage.  Aimed at making Perez Hilton a friendlier, more social experience, a registration process has been introduced to ?cut out the riff raff?, with special reference to violent, racist, vulgar or otherwise inappropriate interaction on the site.  As from today, only registered users will be allowed to post comments on the site.

Designated as ?posse members?, users who register will benefit from enhanced interaction capabilities, with a public Perez Hilton ID, profile page and even their own avatar that will appear on their personal star search page.  An e-mail newsletter for posse members is also available on a subscription basis.

Perez expresses his hope that the new functionalities to be added to the site will encourage users ?to become more involved in the community, and if you?re not posting comments and if you?re not doing that, then hopefully you will, because it will be a much more enjoyable experience?.

Perez concludes his announcement on a call for feedback, assuring users that all changes are based on their own requests and will continue to be in the future.

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