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Mobile social network GyPSii goes mobile in China with Ramar handsets

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 01 August 2008


GeoSentric Oyj (GyPSii) has announced that its geo-mobility social networking platform GeoSolutions BV Business Unit is to integrate with Chinese mobile handset company Ramar International Co. Ltd.  Following an agreement between the two companies, GyPSii will be included as standard in Ramar’s new package of location-based services.

Ramar’s customers will thereby benefit from features previously unavailable on Chinese GPS-enabled mobile devices, with the addition of GyPSii social media capabilities that include mobile social networking, user-generated content, friend finding and mapping (UGC) within a single user interface.  The new offering will initially be restricted to “amsam” devices, on which it will be available in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese.  The handsets will be marketed by Ramar through its own distribution network as well as through retail partners in most parts of China.

The profit sharing scheme agreed to by the two parties is based both on advertising revenue and a license fee due to Ramar in return for pre-bundling the application on its handsets.  It includes the provision of GyPSii revenue streams from both IPR licenses and mobile Geo-advertising, drawing on the platform’s ability to drive personally and contextually relevant content to the user, allowing for precision-targeted promotional campaigns.

GyPSii chief executive officer Dan Harple presents the partnership as prime example of his company’s broader concept of growth, commenting that, “This relationship demonstrates our commitment to an embedded device strategy, as the most effective way to drive the uptake of social networking via the mobile phone.  Our partnership with Ramar gives us another significant inroad into the lucrative market for mobile location services in the world’s largest mobile market.”

GyPSii currently runs on both browser-based Internet connected devices and on a range of handsets including Symbian, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and the iPhone.

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