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MySpace launches political networking platform to track presidential debates

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 06 August 2008


Partnering with a web-based media property for the first time, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has authorised the launching of, a political social networking platform rolled out by MySpace especially for the 2008 United States Presidential election.

The central feature of the new site is a widget that can be downloaded to stream, archive and tag live debates during the campaign.  The exchanges stored will be searchable for future reference.  Users will also be able to take part in polls and follow the evolution of the candidates’ position on a variety of key issues.  The first instalment of the official campaign is a debate between the presidential candidates on 26 September, to be followed by a vice presidential debate on 2 October.

The initiative is the latest episode in a series undertaken since the beginning of the '08 electoral process through non-partisan politics site "MySpace Impact".  These have included a register-to-vote contest targeted at indie bands, a citizen-journalism competition in partnership with MSNBC, an NBC News-powered election site, and several polls.  A series of candidate "dialogues" was also held in conjunction with MTV.

The event is yet another sign of social net working’s political coming of age since Howard Dean’s pioneering use of in his unsuccessful bid to become the democratic candidate for the Presidential election of 2004.

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